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Mr. Gauthier partners with Regus Suites to be able to provide his clients with the most convenient experience. Feel free to request a meeting in the Regus location most convenient for you!

Provide you and your family with a smooth transition during a difficult period with the help of Gauthier Estate Planning, A Professional Law Corporation offering a variety of estate planning services for married couples, senior citizens, parents, and single clients who wish to plan for their future. Don't burden your loved ones with the burden and cost of probate, take initiative and plan ahead today! 
Gauthier Estate Planning, is a registered professional law corporation that provides complete estate planning services for you throughout the state of California. Contact us today for information about our revocable living trusts.
Where to Find Us
Mr. Gauthier meets with his clients in Regus Suite office locations throughout the Los Angeles Metro area. Call today today to speak with our President, Adam S. Gauthier, Attorney at Law, firsthand for your free initial consultation!
Multifaceted Legal Assistance
After working in the retirement investment industry for several years and being exposed to the concepts of living trusts, Adam S. Gauthier decided to go to law school to become an estate planning lawyer.  Mr. Gauthier, President of Gauthier Estate Planning, APLC provides individuals and families with comprehensive professional estate planning services throughout California.  He strives to provide clients like you with discreet, confidential, and customized estate planning legal services.
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Affordable Estate Planning
Adam Gauthier is hardworking, accommodating, and responsive to your requests. He provides thorough and affordable estate planning services with very quick turnaround times. Gauthier Estate Planning, A Professional Law Corporation, is a wise long-term choice because we offer personal attention and affordable rates every time.
Fixed Fees
We are happy to provide fixed fees for our complete estate planning package which includes a revocable living trust, durable power of attorney, advance health care directive, guardianship instructions, pour-over will, all for each represented client, and the preparation of a grant deed for your primary residence to begin the funding process of your living trust. Prices vary based on trust structure and other circumstances. Our fixed fee is competitively priced and is inclusive of all client meetings, phone calls, email questions, and any other client contact.  Your first appointment includes a 1½ hour initial client interview followed by an in-depth analysis of your personal situation and a thorough overview of all your financial assets. During this interview, we explore the best way to customize your estate plan to fit your needs including the precise manner in which you wish to distribute your assets upon your death.  Proper estate plans are critical tools to protect against the cost and delay of probate.  Don't delay, call Mr. Gauthier for a free initial consultation